Treendale Primary School Board

As an Independent Public School, Treendale Primary School Board is required to have a School Board which is comprised of parents, staff and community representatives.

The Board is made up of 6 elected parent representatives, 4 staff, 2 co-opted community members and the Principal. Dayle Hamilton is the Chair of the Board.

The Principal is responsible for the educational leadership, operation and management of the school. To maximise the input of the School Board in developing school policies, the Principal seeks advice and will receive recommendations from the School Board and the Principal reports regularly to the Board on the school’s progress.

The School Board meets twice a term to support the Principal in the governance of the school. Policies are reviewed and endorsed, financial matters discussed as well as school performance data reviewed.

Meet Our Board 1

Dayle Hamilton
School Board Chair

I am a father of three, with the eldest graduating last year from Treendale Primary School (TPS) and my other two still attending TPS. I joined the school board as I wanted to become involved in my children’s education, their school and help out where I could. Being a member on the board has provided me a good insight and understanding of what it takes to manage TPS, how hard the teachers and other staff work to ensure our children have the best possible opportunity to be the best that they can possibly be.  

Meet Our Board 2

Michael Rose
Parent Representative

I grew up on a farm in Roelands and built in Treendale 8 years ago. I currently have two children in lower primary. I have worked in Agriculture my whole life, now working with cattle farmers, advising them on their breeding.

Meet Our Board 3

Chloe McGhie
Parent Representative

My name is Chloe McGhie
I am a mum of 2. I work in OSHC on a Monday and Thursday morning. I also work for Bethanie.

We are a local family of Treendale, both children have attended Treendale Primary School and love it.

Meet Our Board 4

Claire Nicol

Meet Our Board 5

Vanessa Harrop
Parent representative

I have lived in this vibrant neighbourhood for 10 years and am thrilled to contribute to our school community.
I have a child in lower primary and I work in public affairs, specialising in corporate communications and stakeholder engagement.
With a passion for making our community a great place to live, it is a privilege to be in this role, supporting the school’s governance and overall development.

Meet Our Board 6

Suchitra Jones
Parent Representative

I am a mother of two young boys who has been living & working in the South-West as a process engineer since 2007. I have a strong interest in seeing Treendale Primary School strive for excellence in all its endeavours, to deliver the best possible outcomes for its students, their families, and the local community.

I see my role as a parent representative member in achieving these goals by providing consistent & thoughtful input into all aspects to which the Board has governance, and being available as a voice for all school community members to be heard by the Board.

Meet Our Board 7

Jessica Knight
Staff Representative

Meet Our Board 8

David Groenenberg
Parent Representative

I have recently moved from northern WA and I am the parent of two boys who attend TPS. I am looking forward to contributing to the broader school community and getting involved in the schools’ positive directions.

Meet Our Board 9

Kiera Tate
Staff Representative

My name is Kiera Tate and I am a Year 1 teacher at Treendale Primary School. I was born and grew up in Port Hedland, making me a country girl at heart. I have been involved in schools for 15 years in a variety of roles and committees. I love routines, colour coordination and helping children become independent and confident lifelong learners.

Meet Our Board 10

Cassandra Wilson
Parent Representative

Mother to 1 graduate Treendale Primary student and have 2 children currently attending in Year 2 and Pre-Primary. I am the Deputy Chair of the board at ASHS, and heavily involved with Scouts WA. I am a special needs Education Assistant and currently studying Bachelor in Secondary Education. Very passionate about our community and the school and looking forward to contributing in my role on the board.