It All Starts in Kindy

Our Kindy Program provides children with the opportunity to develop early Literacy & Numeracy skills in a safe, friendly and exciting environment where everyday will bring new learning opportunities. Children will play, discover, explore, count, read, write, build, paint, imagine and create.

Children enrolled in Kindy at Treendale Primary School will adhere to the 5-day fortnight model, where students attend two days one week and three days the next, this will continue for the entirety of the school year.

Treendale Primary School is a local intake school. An eligible child whose place of residence is within the intake area is able to enrol in the Kindergarten program at Treendale PS. Children whose usual place of residence is not within the local intake area are required to complete and application for enrolment, which will be reviewed by the Principal. Kindergarten is not compulsory; spaces may be limited.

Application for Enrolment

Applications can be submitted at the front office during the school term between 8.00am and 3.30pm, or alternatively email [email protected], along with the following supporting documentation.

Student Documentation Required:

  1. Birth Certificate
  2. Australian Passport if born overseas (Please note that if your child is an Australian citizen but both parents were born overseas, then proof of one of the parent’s permanent residency/citizenship or the students Australian Passport is also required at the time of application.)

3. Visa or Australian Citizenship. If a child or parent is a visa holder, you will also need to provide the visa grant notice and Passport

Please ensure all original supporting documentation is provided with your enrolment application.

Two Proof of Address:

  1. Latest Council Rates Notice (if you own your property) or Tenancy Agreement with the lease period indicated.
  2. Latest Utility bill (Water/Gas/Electricity only) 

We will not accept motor vehicle registration, insurance, mobile phone bills.

Kindy Handbook
Kindergarten Enrolments 1

Catchment Area

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